Financial & Lifestyle Protection

Would you and your family cope financially if something happened to you?

Supporting our family is the main priority for vast majority of people, however we know that life can be extremely busy and financial demands may mean that making provision to support our loved ones has to take a back seat. Whatever the reason for taking the required action, the present moment is ideal opportunity to review and adjust your protection.

As you know, there may come a time when you are unable to provide financial stability because of ill health, loss of income or even death.

Making Provision

You understand the value in insuring your cars, pets and homes but all too often forget to protect the most valuable asset (yourself).

We are passionate about Financial & Lifestyle Protection and go the extra mile in helping you make provision in case something happens to you.

Our Mantra is that you need the right Financial Foundation as the first step toward financial planning and building your dream financial lifestyle.

Firstly, we will ensure we understand your requirement and help you select the most appropriate type of cover and budget.

Types of Protection

[ 1 ] Life insurance – lump sum payment on death.

[ 2 ] Critical Illness – lump sum payment on diagnosis of specific illnesses.

[ 3 ] Income Protection – monthly income if you can’t work after long term illness or accident.

[ 4 ] Family Income Benefit – provides monthly income in the event of your death.

[ 5 ] Buildings & Contents – cover for your home or investment property and belongings.

Congratulations to you if you already have any type of protection in place, you have done better than 70% of UK population that either has invalid or no insurance plan for themselves or loved ones.

However, like you would do a regular MOT for your car, it is also important we can carry out a Holistic Financial Review for your plan to check if it is still the best plan and suitable to your current and future needs.

Our aim is to make sure you understand your cover and that it is relevant to your individual circumstances.


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